Tish Surprise Chair. Designed as a reading chair which you can curl up in with a good book and a glass of wine, it also works as a gothic throne!

My name is Jo Meyer and, originally from Australia, I have been based in Edinburgh, Scotland since the 1990s. After spending many years admiring good design, especially in beautiful natural materials, I left a corporate career to metamorphose into Josephine M, designer and maker of fine furniture, leather goods and objets d’art.

While training in furniture design, making and restoration at Chippendale International School of Furniture, I was drawn to design and make “non-square”, unconventional furniture, including my final project the Tish Surprise Chair.  After that course I spent some time learning leather work, specifically exploring traditional methods including saddle stitching and wet-moulding.  This exploration started with bag making and soon moved into mask making.  More recently I’ve been getting back into woodwork with hand tools, starting with spoon carving.

Bag No 5: the 5th bag I made but the first which was entirely a Josephine M design. Also the first bag I ever sold.

Moulded leather stag mask in brown

Spoon hand carved from green sycamore.

One of my key furniture design concepts is a range I call Vagabond. After moving home multiple times I identified the need for quality unique furniture that can be easily transported.  The concept is all about creativity, quality, and absolute practicality, designed with modern mobility in mind.  All Vagabond furniture, no matter how large, is designed and hand-crafted to be easily dismantled, moved and reassembled.  The Forest Desk was my first piece of Vagabond furniture.

Forest Desk by Josephine M in sycamore and cherry. Photo by ROB MCDOUGALL www.RobMcDougall.com 07856222103 info@robmcdougall.com

Forest Desk by Josephine M in sycamore and spalted cherry.

While at Chippendale I discovered a decorative Celtic knot which is sometimes called a Josephine or lovers’ knot. It is also a nautical knot called a carrick bend known for strength in joining two ropes securely and as a lovers’ knot it intertwines separate links to make a whole. The name, along with the symbolism of strength and connection, fit so well with my vision for Josephine M that I simply had to use it as my logo.

Josephine knot marquetry

Josephine knot marquetry

For my first attempt at leather tooling, I made a Josephine M sign to use at craft fairs.

First attempt at leather tooling, I made a Josephine M sign to use at craft fairs.

Working primarily in leather and wood, I am also interested in incorporating other materials in my work and will collaborate with other artisans when required to create a desired piece.

Enquiries and commissions are welcome.